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Case Study

"I love the 1:1 connection with patients and helping them be comfortable seeing me. I like to figure out how I can help patients enjoy their visit."

Christine DeMattie, RDH

Christine DeMattie, RDH

Christine DeMattie found her way to hygiene by way of an unexpected personal connection. “My dad is a businessman, but I don’t have a head for business; my mother is a nurse and I didn’t have the stomach for nursing, so I went to get information from the local community college. I was born in Korea and my parents adopted me when I was a baby, and there was an advisor there who had also adopted a baby from Korea–I instantly felt a connection with her. I had tried dental assisting for eight months, so I knew a little bit about dentistry, but I wasn’t sure assisting was the right fit for me. The advisor and I talked about things I liked to do, and I found I really enjoyed focusing on one particular aspect of dental care, and doing it well.” That discovery led Christine to focus on hygiene.

As an active member of her team, Christine has stepped into the role of Safety Officer for her practice. “I love safety, I really do–OSHA is my bag. Safety affects most aspects of our jobs, and it is so important to keep myself, my teammates and patients safe–safety just makes sense. As the Safety Officer, I am making sure that my team members are trained and knowledgeable. The more educated you are, the safer you can be, and understanding why we are doing something makes it easier to implement.”

Additionally, Christine enjoys the perks of working for Smile Brands. “I appreciate the we also have great benefits for CEs, healthcare, and vacation time.”

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