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Case Study

"The thing I enjoy most about being a hygienist is knowing that I’m providing the best possible care for all of my patients."

Sara Berken, RDH

Sara Berken, RDH

Sara Berken is one of those lucky people who figured out what her passion was early on: “I was one of the weird kids who actually liked going to dentist and getting their teeth cleaned as a child. I had a great dentist and hygienist growing up, took an interest in the dental field probably around middle school, and by high school I had done my research and made up my mind.”

“I like that the dentist and hygienist are able to follow their personal dental philosophies and treat patients to the highest standard of care. Each office feels personable and unique in its own way, and patients aren’t treated as just numbers. The benefit of working for Midwest Dental is that they truly invest in their employees, offering the latest and greatest in modern dentistry and always looking for ways to improve in order to provide patients with a great experience.”

Sara’s best advice for new hygienists, or anyone considering a change? “Be free! Go explore the dental world! There is so much out there to experience, so don’t limit your possibilities. I thought general private practice life was going to be enough to satisfy me for the rest of my life but it wasn’t. Smile Brands has truly been a blessing to me.”

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