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Across Smile Brands, we’ve strengthened our long-standing commitment to making our company more inclusive. Where a sense of belonging comes from being seen as you are and being shown that what makes you different is what makes you invaluable. Where every great idea can be heard. And everybody belongs.

You. Belong. Here! is the future of what organizations could be. It is how we believe organizations should feel and function when employees feel safe to focus solely on professional growth and excellence without the unspoken hurdles of hiding parts of who they are out of fear of incurring or encountering professional limitations.

At the heart of what we do is the desire to ensure three things:

  1. Smiles for Everyone.
  2. Equal access to quality dental and patient care for people around the world.
  3. A company culture that embraces and celebrates the value that intentional and action diversity and inclusion adds to an organization.

Inclusivity is the common foundation of all three efforts.

Our commitment is in everything we do.

Smile Brands is strongly rooted in encouraging and empowering people to branch out beyond their comfort zones.

We believe in individual journeys of personal and professional discovery in an environment where people feel safe, supported, welcomed and seen.


Safe. Smile. Space. (S3) are principles for how we want all to behave in our offices as a model for the broader social dialogue.


Celebrate everyday miracles is how we live our gratitude culture. It's a daily reminder to take pause and celebrate what our jobs help create in our patients and our teammates.


Greeting, guiding, gratitude (G3) is how each employee of Smile Brands and the affiliated dental groups should treat each person with whom they interact – including each other.


Proudly show your authentic self. Belonging is the byproduct of inclusion. It's our unwavering commitment to be a leader in diversity and inclusion.