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Giving back

We are passionate about hiring doctors and support staff who have a heart for giving back to their community. We believe that Smiles for Everyone!® truly means everyone, regardless of their background or financial status. In partnership with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, our Team members have the opportunity to give back to their communities in the way they do best.

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by our Founder and CEO, Steven C. Bilt, who wanted to drive change and have a meaningful impact on underserved communities around the world. The mission of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation is to deliver Smiles for Everyone by providing free dental care to those in need, both at home and around the world. Over the years, our affiliated practices and Team Members have helped provide over $20 million (and counting!) in donated dentistry in the communities we serve and abroad at the foundation’s international Outposts in Cambodia, Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Thailand.

Local Efforts

Across our communities, our teams partner with the Smiles for Everyone Foundation to host free dental clinics and provide Smile Makeovers for community members with the greatest of needs.

Days of Giving

Smile Brands affiliated providers and team members from across a market gather at a central office to host a free dental clinic for low-income, under-insured individuals from the local community. Patients are pre-screened and referred to a Day of Giving through community partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as food pantries, refugee services, homeless shelters, youth organizations and veteran support services. Volunteers provide same-day pro-bono services including cleanings, fillings, extractions, oral cancer screenings and more.

Days of Giving are conducted across all markets and are hosted nearly every non-holiday weekend each year.

Pictured is Lonnie Pittman, who was eager about the opportunity to receive the dental care he desperately needed. He had excessive buildup around his gum line, requiring advanced periodontal treatment to remove. He heard about the clinic through a local food pantry, who distributed flyers with every box of food they gave out leading up to the clinic. Through the Day of Giving in Arizona, Lonnie was able to get his Smile back!

Smile Makeovers

To give our affiliated providers the opportunity to offer extensive restorative services for patients in need, the Smiles for Everyone Foundation runs a program which allows Smile Brands Inc. affiliated providers and support staff to nominate a an individual in need once per quarter for a Smile Makeover. These patients must also be low-income and uninsured, and receive pro-bono services such as crowns, dentures and implants.

Pictured is patient John B. who received a complete Smile Makeover – full upper and lower extractions and immediate upper and lower dentures. Mr. Beaty had been in pain for years but could not afford dental care and had no dental insurance. Dr. Dillon from the Castle Dental office in Waco, TX generously offered to provide these services for Mr. Beaty to restore his Smile.

Efforts Abroad

The Smiles for Everyone Foundation also delivers smiles and changes lives internationally. Every year, affiliated team members have the opportunity to join an International Outpost Trip to help deliver Smiles in impoverished countries. These trips are led by Smile Brands leaders and Smiles for Everyone Foundation board members, including Steve Bilt and Dr. Robert Crim. These trips are found to be life-changing not only for the community members served, but also for the members of the team.

“There are two mottos I live by and practice daily. One is ‘be kind’ and the other is ‘pay it forward.’ It is one thing to have plenty and smile. But it is not until you see an entire population of people who have very little, and yet, welcome you into their hearts and homes with smiles, and share with you what little they have, that you understand the true meaning of kindness.” – Dr. Vidya Sampath

Other Community Efforts

Our teams also participate in local, non-dentistry related opportunities throughout the year in an effort to further help those in need. All across the communities of our 700 offices, team members volunteer in opportunities such as:

Our team’s efforts have been recognized for their commitment to corporate social responsibility through awards such as the 2017 NEA Dental Humanitarian Award, 2018 & 2019 Communitas Award, 2019 Silver Stevie Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year and 2021 Real Leaders® Impact Award.