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Case Study

“My early days with Smile Brands helped me to grow into my new career and develop my skills in a very short time. I’m way ahead of where I thought I would be at this point."

Dr. Elizabeth Kravig

Dr. Elizabeth Kravig

Have you ever stopped to think about the path you’ve taken to become a dentist? What first drew your interest to it? What about the people, places and events that all played a role along the way? If any one of those things had been absent, would you even be involved in dentistry at all? Dr. Elizabeth Kravig’s career journey is marked by such moments, and they’ve mostly taken the form of people – people who offered help and advice that drove her to becoming the successful dentist she is today.

Dr. Kravig was accepted into the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. While in her third year of dental school, she attended a cocktail hour hosted by Midwest Dental, part of Smile Brands, at a hotel in downtown Lincoln. “It was a great event, and by the end I was definitely interested in exploring a possible career,” Dr. Kravig said. “My main condition was that I wanted to be somewhere near Chicago. The team at Midwest Dental said they would make it work.”

When Liz officially became Dr. Kravig the following year, Midwest Dental had a career opportunity waiting for her at their office in Union Grove, a town of about 5,000 people in southern Wisconsin near the Illinois border. “It was admittedly a bit further from Chicago that I had originally hoped,” said Dr. Kravig. “But it turned out to be even more perfect than I could have imagined.”

Although leading a practice is a big responsibility, Dr. Kravig stepped up to the opportunity and turned it into something great. “My early days with Midwest Dental actually helped me to grow into my new career and develop my skills in a very short time, and now I’m way ahead of where I thought I would be at this point,” she said with confidence.

Today, thanks to Dr. Kravig’s efforts and tremendous skill, the Union Grove practice is flourishing and has grown to a two-doctor practice. As for Liz herself, she now has three children, and life couldn’t be better. “I really can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Dr. Kravig exclaims. “Midwest Dental has stepped up and helped me at every turn, and both I and my family are so much better for it.”

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