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Leading Dentistry Into Prosperity: A Conversation with Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt

As COVID-19 case numbers began to spike again across large portions of the United States, Patient Prism CEO Amol Nirgudkar sought wisdom from visionary Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt.

Steve outlines the importance of mindset in weathering a storm of this magnitude. He has continually reminded his team to have to have an unwavering faith that they’d get through this, but to be very, very careful not to set a deadline for the crisis to end, because focusing on the endgame vs. making the best of every day is what breaks your heart and your spirit.

He describes how the company launched its new service platform, Safe.Smile.Space. to build trust and unity in a time of heighted fear and anxiety.

“We’re building a community around infection control, inclusivity, tolerance and civil discourse,” Steve said. It’s an answer to the question, ’What do we want to stand for in this world?’ “We can’t control a lot of things at this moment, but we can make each of our offices a safe haven where team members feel both physically and emotionally secure.” Watch the full interview.