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Introducing our Practice Ownership Program (POP)

Become a practice owner with $0 down and a guaranteed exit. Enjoy all the financial benefits of practice ownership! A win-win-WIN!

Smile Brands is excited to offer the ability for exceptional doctors and leaders to generate significant investment income by purchasing up to 10% equity ownership in their Smile Brands practice! POP is our way of recognizing your clinical excellence and leadership. Take advantage of this one of a kind opportunity for additional income and wealth creation.

Your investment grows as your practice grows

Lucrative Investment Vehicle

Reap even higher rewards for your hard work

In addition to quarterly cash distributions and the potential for high long-term equity returns, you’ll also have the ability to sell your stake at a pre-determined multiple if needed. All while continuing to earn chairside compensation.
Practice Ownership Program

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I decided to enter ownership because I know I want to continue my career with this organization and within this office; it was an investment opportunity.

- Dr. Christy Gajewski

I made the decision to partner with Smile Brands because I believe in what we do. The opportunity to become an owner is just the icing on the cake.

- Dr. Jeffrey Pearson

Being a partner, I am most excited about taking my practice to the next level. I am now more motivated than ever to grow the business.

- Dr. Shorouq Sahawneh

The opportunity to positively impact our patients' lives while fostering a collaborative and innovative environment was simply too enticing to pass up.

- Dr. Richa Mehta

That's what I found most intriguing and exciting about this partnership - the opportunity to invest in myself, my team, and the work that we do.

- Dr. Gregory Smith

This allows me the perks of some ownership, without the stress of dealing with every detail that has to be dealt with if I completely owned my practice.

- Dr. Julie Farrell


*Up to 5% equity, capped at $100K   

**Qualified Associate